Monday, March 27, 2017

Butterfly Creek Nighttime Madness

Butterfly Creek 
Date: 2016/08/20
Category: Walking
Weather: Mainly fine with a full moon.
Location: Wellington
Distance: Official distance: 9.64km, distance from my watch: 11.1km
Website: Race Site

We picked this event as it looked like a fun atmosphere and it was a nighttime run. The website showed people in fancy dress from the previous year. We opted not to wear our TMNT gear as it was cool enough for long sleeves and running vest for hydration. We were only at the start line for maybe 10 minutes when 2 teenage girls rolled in dressed like turtles. They ended up getting an award for best fancy dress.

The race started at 7pm with a short 1km road run before hitting a 200m climb. The elevation was gained in just over a 1km as well. The track was not super technical, but it wasn't an ultra groomed trail. There were rocks, roots, and uneven surfaces. I tried to keep a couple strides behind Beth to allow her to set the pace and also to stop my headlamp from automatically adjusting its intensity.

There was a discrepancy with the distance of the race. The race map said 9.64km, the website said 9.75km, and my watch said 11.1km. The elevation was just over 400m done over 2 climbs. The downhills were fun, but we could have really hammered it in the daylight as the headlamps don't necessarily illuminate everything.

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